Impact investing

How We Support

NFBAN Social Impact Investment Lab (SIIL)

SIIL is a platform that helps investors, policymakers, think tanks, social entrepreneurs and their enterprises remove barriers to Impact Investing through knowledge sharing.

We at NFBAN see ourselves as the connector of the dots. Our mission is to bring to the same table, policymakers, public sector, foundations, social and financial expertise, investors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, innovators, government and communities to develop new resources and systems that will allow rapid birth of impact innovations as well as support the growth process, while not neglecting to ensure their financial viability and return for all.

For Entrepreneurs

Pitching opportunities, pre-screening, practical business advice and access to capital through the organization’s investor networks.

For Angel Investors

 Impact investors can learn, exchange ideas, and work together for their own benefit and that of society.

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