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By joining NFBAN you will have access to resources and benefits set up specifically for members. For members-only we provide information about fellow angel investors and their areas of interests, expertise and existing investments, which will allow our members to make it easier to form syndicated private investments.

Who We Are & Our Core Value

NFBAN is a revolution that attracts women to invest and in the advent motivates more women to innovate. Although it is estimated that half of the world’s wealth is in female hands, very few women are active in business angel investment.

NFBAN is a great initiative that brings women across the Nordics and Baltics to a learning platform and shared experience of angel investing. Our core interest area is to accelerate closing of the gender gap in angel investing.

More female angel investments means increased funding possibilities for startups. To those of you looking to join us we certainly look forward to the learning , networking, investing and having fun.

Why Join Us

  • Learn Angel investing 101
  • Your motivation to work with startups
  • Seeking to become a sweat equity investor
  • Network with like minds
  • Access to our Gust platform for deal flow
  • Participate in all our events as well as partner hosted
  • Gain new contacts to Nordic and global angel investors
  • Co-investment possibility across borders
  • Participate in angel syndicates
  • Are interested in training angels or speaker roles at our events
  • Updates on angel activities in with the Nordics


Investor Membership

Corporate Membership

For organisations or parties applying as a single entity

Individual Membership

For persons apply as a single party.

Apply here for a membership. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on NFBAN Corporate membership at

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